‘What If There Wasn’t Only One?’ (Part II)

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31 May 2012
Yes, it’s been almost eight months since I dusted off Four-Color Coverage, but here we are. And, it seems fitting that the subject of my last entry is also the subject of my newest one:

In my last post, I hypothesized a few possibilities for what Marvel’s cryptic might mean. With the release of Marvel’s Winter Soldier title, we now know (or at least have a good idea of) what’s been going on with Project: Zephyr.

However, the real reason for this post was the dialogue from this issue. Bucky (The Winter Soldier), Natasha Romanova (The Black Widow) and Nick Fury (the classic one, not the Samuel L. Jackson look-alike) find themselves in an unlikely – and uneasy – alliance with Fantastic Four nemesis: Doctor Doom. It turns out that a former Prime Minister of Doom’s has gained access not only to one of Doom’s weapon caches, but also to the launch codes to the Latverian nuclear missile silos.

::: cue ominous music :::

As the quartet prepare to face their foe, the following exchange takes place:

Nick Fury: This is unbelievable! He programmed nuke launch codes inta his damned Doombots?!

Bucky:  Nick, I know… believe me. But.. just…

Fury: Y’know, Doom, for the second-smartest man in the world, you can be pretty friggin’…

Bucky: Nick. C’mon. He’s helping us now.

Doom: The boy has a point, Colonel Fury… or is it ex-Colonel now? Von Doom stopped trying to keep track of all your promotions and demotions long ago.

Fury: Sure, because “Von Doom” was too busy programming robot doppelgangers of himself… like any sane ruler of a country does, right?

Doom: Only a fool would criticize perfectionism.

And just like that, Doom proves, once again, that he is… Doom.

And it makes me smile.

And maybe – just maybe – it won’t be another eight months before I get to write another entry here.