The Cost of Being Iron Man

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31 July 2012 has created an infographic of the estimated cost to be Iron Man… or, rather, to have/build a suit of Iron Man-like armor and Tony Stark’s lifestyle:


Superhero Motivational Posters

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29 July 2012
Comics Alliance has a feature on Kerrith Johnson’s artwork which features superheroes – and a couple of villains – on motivational posters:

It’s a fun and good-looking series.  You should check them out!

“Together we’ll break these chains of love…”

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13 July 2012
Comic Book Resources has a column called “I Love Ya, But You’re Strange…”  As it describes itself:

Every week, I will spotlight strange but ultimately endearing comic stories (basically, we’re talking lots and lots of Silver Age comic books).

This week’s entry examines a Golden Age Wonder Woman story in which “…her secret identity comes back to haunt her in a really, really odd fashion.”

And, I have to admit: It is bizarre and just plain weird. Seriously weird. “How so,” you ask? The title of the article is: “THAT TIME THE HUSBAND OF WONDER WOMAN’S EXACT DOUBLE CHAINED HER TO A TABLE”  Yeah, it’s that weird… and, yet, so in keeping with a lot of the Wonder Woman stories of the day. (Look up William Marston, Wonder Woman’s creator, some time. His story makes for a rather interesting read.)

Check out the whole article – and the comic – here.