ComicsAlliance Celebrates Tyroctober

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02 October 2012
I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m a fan of The Legion of Super-Heroes.

It is, to the best of my recollection, the single series to which I have been the most devoted for over 30 years. In fact, as much of a Green Lantern fan as I am, the one – comic-related – thing that supersedes it: My affinity for the Legion. Reboots and all. (I think that the Legion has been rebooted – and unbooted – more times than the DC Universe, on the whole.) But it still my “warm, fuzzy place” in comics.

So, when I read the title of this Comics Alliance article, made me smile. For many reasons. Not the least of which was that it was a Legion-related item. But also because it features Tyroc, the first Black Legionnaire.

There have been four (technically, “five”) other Black Legionnaires:

I should note that while Tyroc was Black, he was not African-American; he was African. More or less. In typical comic book fashion, so as not to commit a character to an actual nation, the powers-that-be at DC Comics created the island nation of Marzal as Tyroc’s homeland. The introduction and characterization of Tyroc was… “somewhat questionable“.. in his early appareances, though it seems that DC is trying to amend that to some degree in the DCnU.

But, I digress…

The point of this blog post was to say that I found a Legion article on Comics Alliance and it made me smile.

And with that, I’m done.