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“All the world is waiting for you…” – Wonder Woman (2017)

Monday – 05 June 2017 I saw Wonder Woman this past weekend. I saw it Friday early afternoon, affording me the opportunity to avoid most spoilers, either in conversation or in the media. Like many of my previous reviews, this is going to be a two-part review: The first part will be more of a synopsis […]

Salt Lake Comic Con FanX 2017

Sunday – 19 March 2017 This past Friday and Saturday, Salt Lake Comic Con presented their third Fan Experience or “FanX” event. Two days of celebrities, artists, authors, panels, and vendors celebrating all manner of fandoms, not just comic-related ones. I attended both days. The first day, I didn’t have a particular agenda in mind, so I […]

Quick hits

Friday – 24 February 2017 There’s been a lot of comics-related news in the past couple of weeks… and I’ve had very little time to post anything about it. But, I’m carving out a couple of minutes here to do that very thing. Black History Month: 15 Influential Black Superheroes Marvel Launches New Luke Cage […]

Reviews from the First New Comic Book Day of 2017!

Thursday – 05 January 2017 Happy New Year and Happy Day-After-New Comic Book Day! As yesterday was the first new comic book day of 2017, I went to my local comic book shop and came home with new things to read. This week, I picked up: Champions #4  (DC) Cyborg #8 (DC) Green Lantern #14 (DC) Hawkeye […]

Luke Cage: A brief look at Marvel’s newest series

I shouldn’t have to become a bulletproof-Luke Cage just to feel safe as a black man in America. Jay Whittaker 30 September 2016 This comment sparked an interesting – and introspective – thread on the Facebook account of my friend, Jay Whittaker. Like me, Jay is a long-time comics fan. Also like me, he was […]

Salt Lake Comic Con 2016: Coda

Saturday – 03 September 2016 Salt Lake Comic Con 2016 has come to an end. This was, quite possibly, my most fun time at the con to date. I had a great time seeing friends, reacquainting with others, meeting new people and being a panelist for the first time! (Hopefully, I’ll get to do it […]

Salt Lake Comic Con 2016: Day One – Aftermath

Thursday – 01 September 2016 For a No Bad News Thursday, today wasn’t horrid. It didn’t start off as what I would have called “perfect,” things came together by the end of the day and it ended with a bang! The day started with me at work and not at the Mark Hamill and William […]

The Return of the Justice League

Wednesday – 27 July 2016 For nearly a year, the folks at Cartoon Network and Warner Brothers have been dropping breadcrumbs about a new Justice League-related series that seemed like it would be called “JLA.” Then this much less oblique picture popped up a few months ago: The poster below came with the news that Kevin Conroy, the voice […]


Friday – 10 June 2016 This evening, I spent some time getting reacquainted with a series that caught my eye a while back: Bandette, from Paul Tobin, Colleen Coover and Monkeybrain Comics. Bandette is… well… here, let’s just take a look at what Mr. Tobin had to say about it (excerpted from an interview on […]

Review – Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Tuesday – 12 April 2016 Monday – 18 April 2016 Monday – 27 April 2016 I finally saw Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice earlier this last week two weeks ago. I’ve been trying to write this summation of my thoughts since then. More or less. At times, it just felt like too much drudgery […]