Four-Color Coverage: The Singularities of Earth-Two

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Comic Book Resources’ Grumpy Old Fan has written a few thoughts about Earth-Two (the classic Earth-Two, that is), how legacies worked there and its place in the multiverse:

This business about both Bruce and Dick being Batman (or “Batmen,” I guess) got me thinking about Earth-Two.

At the risk of being remedial — and some of you may want to skip to the next paragraph — Earth-Two was the home of DC’s original-formula superheroes, whose adventures took place roughly in real time. Superman first appeared in 1938, Batman in 1939, Robin in 1940, Wonder Woman in 1941, etc. It was the Justice Society’s Earth, where the Jay Garrick Flash had been around since 1940 before being “discovered” by Barry Allen decades later. Because the Golden Agers had all pretty much gone into semi-retirement, they had time to get married and raise kids. These children then became superheroes themselves. Earth-Two was retired itself in Crisis On Infinite Earths, but DC’s current Multiverse has its own Earth-2 (note the subtle change to numerals) which is very similar to the old one in most respects.

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